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Current active programs

Media Guard

We firmly believe in the power and significance of open access to media and a free press. Recognizing their pivotal role in the success and development of nations and communities, we proudly present the Media Guard program.

It's our way of walking beside media organizations from all around the world, offering a helping hand so they can maintain a steady presence.

Designed to bolster media organizations globally, Media Guard extends tailored support, ensuring they maintain a consistent and uninterrupted media presence.

Depending on the specific needs of each organization, our aid encompasses a variety of services including backhaul support, downlinking, digital streaming, and content distribution.

The program is available for media organizations around the world. Organizations interested in taking part in our program can apply at

  • Worldwide
  • Open/Extended Deadline

Citizen Mesh

The P Foundation profoundly understands the transformative power of connectivity. In a world where we are at our best when linked—to educational institutions, job opportunities, and each other—the Internet serves as the vital backbone enabling these connections. Yet, we recognize that not all communities enjoy equal access to this powerful tool, hindering their ability to increase awareness and make informed decisions.

Our Citizen Mesh program is born from the belief that community-led solutions can fill these gaps. Whether it's a remote village or a bustling city, our initiative empowers communities to build and maintain their own reliable internet connections. We focus on key communal spaces such as educational institutions, public libraries, and public spaces, offering free internet access as a cornerstone for enhancing public life. This approach is founded on the principle of the Internet being by the people, for the people, ensuring that all have the opportunity to connect and thrive.

Our dedicated volunteers employ a systematic yet straightforward approach to assess the needs for internet connectivity in various communities and diligently work to expand our services. We warmly welcome and encourage contributions from external stakeholders and the community at large.

Suggestions, insights, and applications from institutions that meet our criteria can be submitted to

  • Lebanon
  • Open


ResilientNet is a specialized extension of our existing Citizen Mesh program, aimed at providing robust internet connectivity to critical installations essential for public well-being. Originating from the grassroots success of Citizen Mesh, this initiative targets facilities that are often overlooked by governmental support, including healthcare institutions, emergency services, and utility facilities. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and community involvement, ResilientNet is committed to building a dependable and self-sustaining network infrastructure.

At the heart of the program is a meticulous, needs-based assessment methodology, designed to identify the unique connectivity requirements of each targeted critical installation. Customized networking solutions are then developed and deployed, covering aspects from network design to hardware selection and installation. A cadre of skilled volunteers executes these operations, ensuring seamless and resilient connectivity.

ResilientNet maintains an open stance toward collaboration and actively seeks contributions and partnerships with external stakeholders, including local businesses and tech organizations.

  • Lebanon
  • Open

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